Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rhyannon byrd-- "Primal Instinct Series"

Edge of Hunger
Edge of Danger
Edge of Desire

The basis of all 3 stories is that centuries ago there were "other" species inhabiting the planet. Everything from vampires and lycans, to species call Marrick and Casus. The Casus were a violent breed literally eating up humanity when they were captured and held in another dimension called Meridan. They are now escaping, and each time they do the last of the Marrick bloodlines awaken to fight them. These 3 stories are the awakening of the first 3 and there war with the Casus.

***overall not a bad read. It was an interesting take on the paranormal romance genre. It is very much about primal instincts between the couples. And i will definitely read the next 3 in this series.

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