Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Kristen Ashley-Law Man (Dream Man #3)

Romantic suspense

Four years ago, Mitch Lawson moved across the breezeway from Mara Hanover and she fell in love with the tall, good-looking police detective who had an uncanny ability to dress well even though he’s single. It was not a stalker kind of love; she knows she has no hope since Mitch is way out of her league. That doesn’t change the fact that he’s her dream man.

Then one day Mara’s faucet won’t turn off and she knows nothing about plumbing. Being a good guy, Mitch offers to help then he invites himself over for pizza. Mara gives it a go but finds herself running away from him (literally) on their first date, standing him up their second and then she runs into him (again literally) on her way to save her ne’er do well, criminal cousin’s kids who’d just run away from their ne’er do well, criminal Dad.

Suddenly, Mara finds she has on her hands the guardianship of two kids and a gorgeous police detective who’s willing to do anything to help out… including giving fabulous foot rubs.

But Mara knows who she is and where she came from and she knows Detective Mitch Lawson is better than her. Hot law man Mitch disagrees and his challenge is to convince Mara to let go of her past and he sets about building a family at the same time he finds he also needs to protect them all against known and unknown adversaries that would tear them apart.

{4 stars}
Not so much suspense in this one until the end. I found myself skimming some of Mara's inner dialogue, and honestly was bored a few times. What bored me was Mara's never ending quest to push Mitch away. A Hot Alpha is chasing you? You stop and listen. But she kept up her self deprecating banter too long. I thought we would never get to the good stuff. If it was any other author, with any other series, I would have put it down and walked away. But i couldn't, and didn't put it away. I knew Kristen Ashley would have a surprise waiting just around the next page. We met Mitch in the first book (Hawk and Gwen), and he is not quite as Alpha male as Hawk or Slim, but still stubborn and Alpha HOT. And how does Elvira seem to know everyone? She does get around. Not my favorite couple, even though the ending almost had me crying it was so sweet. But I liked them. Can't wait to get to Tack's story, bet there will be a lot of action in that one. So while I am waiting on Tack's book, I'm going to start the Rock Chic series.....heard good things about it.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Kristen Ashley-Wild Man (Dream Man #2)

Romantic suspense

While filling her display case in her bakery, the bell over the door sounds and Tessa O’Hara looks up and sees the man of her dreams. Within thirty seconds he asks her out for a beer. Thirty seconds later, she says yes. But after four months of falling in love, she discovers he’s an undercover DEA Agent investigating the possibility she’s involved in her ex-husband’s drug business

Obviously Tess decides this means it’s over.

But DEA Agent Brock Lucas disagrees. A man on a mission who’s really committed to his job, he’s spent years in the underbelly of Denver with the dregs of society. And spending four months with Tess who’s as sweet as her cupcakes, he seriously enjoyed his job. But during Tess’s interrogation, Brock learns the devastating secret Tess is carrying and he’s determined to be the man who helps her heal as well as take her back as she walks on the wild side.

As wild and sweet mix, they face challenge after challenge of family struggling with history and terminal illness. Not to mention, Tess’s ex-husband, the drug lord and Brock’s ex-wife, who has a very big playbook are scheming to tear them apart.

But Brock Lucas has wild in him and once in his past on the trail of vengeance he let that wild loose, making a mistake that he would have no idea years later will put his sweet Tess in the position to pay his penance.

{4.5 stars}
Ok, I had to drop half a star, because this one was not as life or death action packed as the first. But, that being said, I still loved it. Kristen Ashley's writing style is incredible. It's imagery is in its details without overkill. And I find myself anticipating the next page like the way you anticipate the drop of the rollercoaster after the climb. Thrilling! Brock is a great Alpha Male, true to that description, he is stubborn, bossy, and totally frickin HOT. Tess is sweet, and vulnerable, but not in an annoying wimpy girlie way. She has had a rough decade. There journey to happiness isn't a harlequin novel. It's drama, exes of the psychotic variety, and overcoming ugly events from their pasts, but also lots of HOT passion . Kristen Ashley pulls it all together in a fantastically woven tale that really leaves you wanting more. If her other series are half as good as this one, I'm going to be a busy, busy reader......

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Kristen Ashley-Mystery Man (Dream Man #1)

Romantic Suspense

While drinking cosmopolitans, Gwendolyn Kidd meets the man of her dreams. Then she takes him home. Then she wakes up alone. But her fear that she lost her dream man turns into a relationship with a mystery man when, night after night in the dead of night, he comes back for more. Hoping it will blossom into something real, she lets him.

But she doesn’t even know his name.

Gwen’s struggling with the decision to end their crazy non-relationship when her sister-from-hell, Ginger’s best friend pays a visit and warns Gwen that if she and her sister don't get smart, they'll both get d-e-a-d, dead. Gwen has no clue what’s going on but she’s used to Ginger’s antics and decides to lay the problem on her sister’s biker boyfriend's doorstep. Bad choice. She hits the Denver Underground radar with a big, loud ping.

This means Gwen’s Mystery Man, Cabe “Hawk” Delgado has to step in to keep her safe. But when Hawk gets a dose of Gwen in the daylight, he makes the decision that he finally wants real with Gwen. However when Gwen gets a dose of badass, bossy, straight-talker Hawk in the daylight, she decides she’s done.

Thus begins the head-to-head of the Commando vs. Cosmo Girl as Hawk woos Gwen in his own unique way, Gwen survives firebombs, drive-bys, kidnappings, hot pursuits by biker hotties and gorgeous police detectives and discovers the heartbreaking reason why Hawk kept her at arm’s length.

And as all this happens, Gwen finds that her sister’s troubles are serious trouble and she must decide who to keep alive: her sister-from-hell or the man of her dreams.

{5 starts}
Wow......I am almost speechless with how much I loved this story.
But first, I want to say that this kind of book is why I love my Goodreads Friends. I may have missed the opportunity to read this if I hadn't read the great review from a fellow Goodreads Friend. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Now, let's talk about the Alpha male in this story. Wow, Jimmy Choo's?!? Hawk can be as bossy as he likes if he buys me Jimmy Choo's. Hawk is a very Alpha Male, possessive, bossy, brooding, and stubborn, but totally dream worthy HOT. Gwen is a little spit-fire, stubborn, but emotionally fragile, and a little naive when it comes to the "Bad Guy" world. She is a girlie-girl, but not whiny, and completely adorable. The chemistry between the two is electric and you fall completely in love with them. This is the first Kristen Ashley book I have read and it won't be the last. Her writing style really puts my imagination into overdrive and I am there visualizing the story play out as I'm reading it. She doesn't hold any punches when it comes to cursing and language. And the sex is not over the top erotica, but perfectly written to complete the fantasy. It's a long roller-coaster ride, action packed, with lots of suspense. Fire bombs, drive-by shootings, gangs, cosmos, passion, and falling in love. And the humor woven into this story is awesome, Gwen is so funny when she rants..I completely understand her. I didn't want the story to end. But Ashley put the perfect ending on it, and now, at least, I have the next 2 in this series to keep my dreams filled with Alpha males of the Hottest variety.....

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Shayla Black-Wicked to Love (Wicked Lovers #5.5)

Erotic Romance--short story

A politician's son, Brandon reined in his desire to serve his community for years after a former friend blackmailed him for desiring the man’s wife. Years later, he's still haunted by Kayla, holding every woman to her standard. And Brandon's secretary, Amberlin Evans, knows she can’t measure up.

Amberlin would do anything to make her boss notice her. But when one phone call from Kayla sends Brandon running after her, she knows it's time to stop waiting for him to see her and move on. Funny how her resignation gets Brandon's attention in a way short skirts didn't.

When Brandon confronts Amberlin, he realizes that he's been blind to his feelings for her—and that the way she always calls him Sir and says "please" has his thoughts turning wicked…

{4 stars}
Charming short story. "An afternoon delight". Its to short to really review, so just pick it up an enjoy the fantasy almost every girl has had at one time or another.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Jennifer Ashley--Pride Mates (Shifters Unbound)

Paranormal Romance-shifters


To most, they are animals even when in human form. They are to be collared and kept on the fringes of society, scorned because they are feared, hated for their extraordinary powers. And attorney Kim Fraser has to go right into the heart of their lair.
Its her job to defend those in need. But there is absolutely nothing defenseless about Liam Morrissey. His soft Irish lilt and feline grace can't disguise his sheer strength. Nor can the silver chain at his throat, designed to control the aggression of his kind, completely reassure her that this man has been tamed.
Yet when a feral shifter begins to stalk them both, Liam is the only one she trusts with her life. She ll let him claim her for her protection, for her pride, and for a passion that knows no bounds.

{4 stars}
First, the description doesn't do this book justice. The stalker part is so very small and is really just the reason for Liam to go after Kim. The whole story centers around Kim trying to defend a shifter accused of killing his human girlfriend, shifter politics, dominant males, and a clan leader as evil and ugly as they come. When I first picked this book up, I thought it was a little "corny", and had a weak plot. But boy was I wrong. Once you get a third of the way in your hooked into these characters and can't stop reading until you know what happens. Who gets their HEA? Loved Kim's spit-fire attitude, and Liam's protective instincts.  Liam and Kim have quite alot of passion between them....whew! And Liam's family just adds to the charm of this story. I look forward to reading the rest of the series.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Robin P. Waldrop--Ties to the Blood Moon

YA Romance-werewolves/vampires

Genevieve is a teenage girl who moves in with her aunt in Alaska after the death of her mother. Soon after her arrival she learns the things she was raised to believe only existed in fairytales are in fact a big part of her history. When it gets to be too much she seeks refuge in the arms of her new boyfriend, William, only to find out he's not who she thought he was either.

{3 stars}
This book was sent to me by the author for review. And let me start by saying this is a very YA book. Lots of teen angst, teen first loves, teen first kisses, teen get my meaning. So if you aren't in the mood for a YA story, skip this one. I found myself actually intrigued by this one, with a little work, this series could prove to be really good. I enjoyed the Alaska/Eskimo heritage base to the story line, which I think is the best part of this book. It's what makes it a little different from the rest. But the vampire/werewolf love triangle is nothing new. So I can see where other's compare it to Twilight, but only as far as the love triangle between a vampire, a werewolf, and a girl.  Truthfully, I liked this book, I needed a book to distract me this week, and this worked. It's not the best I have ever read, but certainly not the worse, and it kept my attention enough to finish it. I will read the next in this series.

***e-book provided by author for review.

Monday, February 6, 2012

James Hutchings-New Death and Others

Short stories and poems

Death gets a roommate...

An electronic Pope faces a difficult theological question...

A wicked vizier makes a terrible bargain...

44 stories. 19 poems. No whiny vampires. There's a thin line between genius and insanity, and James Hutchings has just crossed it - but from which direction?
{no stars}
This was sent to me by the author for review. I'm not sure why, my blog and book interests don't lean towards this type of book. But I guess any marketing is good marketing?? I did skim through this book, it was interesting. Not really my "cup of tea" so to speak. But I can't say it was a bad read, just not something I am interested in spending a lot of time reading, it was kind of a confusing for me also. It has an odd/dark subject matter, which is normally perfect for me, but the short story/poems premise is not for me. But.......I will leave it up to you to form your own opinion.
***e-book provided to me by author for review

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sophie Oak--Found in Bliss (NIghts in Bliss, Colorado #5)

Erotic romance-menage

After being thrown out of her marriage without her son, Holly Lang moved to Bliss and tried to rebuild her life. Eight years later she has found herself torn by her feelings for surly Doctor Caleb Burke and ex-hit man Alexei Markov.

Caleb wants Holly, she is the only bright spot in his world but he still has not recovered from a traumatic experience and does not feel he could give her what she needs, a whole man.

Alexei had one goal in mind when he testified and sent the Russian mob to jail, to get back to Holly. After being shot he owes Caleb his gratitude and plans to give him the one thing he wants most, Holly. He has done his research and is more than willing to share the the person he loves because he knows Holly would never feel complete without both men in her lives.

{4 stars}
I have been waiting for this trio's story for a while. And in true Oak fashion, she tells a wonderful story. I have loved everyone one of her books, and I love how they all slightly tie in with the others with characters being related or moving from Texas to Colorado (or visa versa). Oak even gives a "shout out" to Desire, Oklahoma. Alexei's broken english is charming, and he is the true "Dom" in this trio. Caleb and Holly have a lot of past drama to get over, and Alexei has returned to get the family he has always wanted. He just has to get his stubborn family to get with the program. Bliss, Colorado is as charming as ever. And if it was a real town, I would love to visit. If you haven't read Oak before, start at the beginning with Texas Sirens and you won't put them down until you have caught up to this one in Bliss. My only issue, is that this story seemed to short, or maybe I just didn't want it to end. I am hoping that the Meyer brothers are next up......

Friday, February 3, 2012

Darynda Jones--Third Grave Dead Ahead (Charley Davidson series)

Paranormal Romance-suspense

Charley Davidson—grim reaper extraordinaire, private investigator . . . meh—is practicing her profession under the influence, caffeine and copious amounts of it, due to an extreme desire to induce insomnia. Every time she closes her eyes, Reyes Farrow, the part-human, part-supermodel son of Satan, is there. Only thing is, he’s a tad peeved. She did bind him for all eternity, so it’s hard blame him. But 13 days without a wink is bound to bring out the crazy in a girl. So, when a man hires her to find his wife, Charley accepts the job with one goal in mind: Put the man behind bars, and not the wet kind. She can sense the guilt waft off him and vows to find the woman’s body and prove he’s a murderer.

In the meantime, Reyes is back in prison and none too happy about it . . . so Charley thinks, until she is carjacked by the dark-haired rake, who swears the very man he went to prison for killing is not only alive, but close by. And he wants Charley to find him.

While a visit to her old friend Rocket sheds no light on Reyes’s situation, Charley finds out the man’s wife is still alive and time is running out. Finding her before she dies would be a miracle, but she has to try. Together with the help of a fashion-impaired receptionist named Cookie, Charley sets out to bring the bad guys to justice. She just hopes Reyes is not one of them. And that she’s not hallucinating from her self-induced bout with insomnia.

{5 stars}
Have you ever read a series that leaves you emotionally hung-over afterwards? There have only been a few for me, and this series is one of the top 3. Whew! What a ride. We go from ROFLMAO (with tears) banter between Charley and Cookie, to several near death experiences (with tears) only Charley can get her self into (and out of) on a daily basis, to the emotional extremes of sadness, loss and betrayal. This book has them all. Plus, we get a few new characters introduced (one who seems quite yummy). And in true Darynda Jones fashion, she throws us off the ride scratching our heads wishing we had the next book in our hands because I HAVE TO KNOW WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN NEXT! A complete emotional rollercoaster for me. 3 books into this series, and I can't think of ever putting them down. So without giving away any spoilers, I would tell everyone, give this series a chance. Start at the beginning, you won't regret it.

And I'm still on team Reyes.......