Sunday, February 21, 2010

Christine Warren-- "Wolf at the Door"

Sullivan Quinn didn't travel 3,000 miles from his native Ireland and his wolf pack just to chase rabidly after the most delectable quarry he's ever seen. Quinn is in America on a mission, to warn his other brethren of a shadowy group willing to use murder and mayhem to bring them down. But one whiff of this Foxwoman's delicious honey-suckle fragrance and he knows that she is more than a colleague or a conquest...she is his mate.

Anthropologist Cassidy Poe is a world renowned authority on social interaction, but the overpowering desire she feels around Quinn defies every ounce of her expertise. Working by his side to uncover the Other's enemies poses risks she never expected, to her own safety, to those she loves, and to her heart, as a every encounter with Quinn proves more blissfully erotic than the last...

Now, with no one to trust but each other, Quinn and Cassidy face a foe that's edging closer every day, threatening to destroy the life they've always known, and the passion they've just discovered....

***It took me a while to pick this out of the "to be read pile", but once i started it i really enjoyed it. There is nothing extraordinary or different about this series, except it adds a lot of other paranormal species than you usually find. Brownies, shifters, gnomes, vampires, werewolves, etc. But this book had me laughing out loud. It has a great sense of humor and a charming love story mixed in with the drama, thrills, and the crux of the story...defeating the enemy. It reminded me a little of the Mercy Thompson or the Sookie Stackhouse series. I look forward to the rest of the series, each book looks to be a different paranormal charcter.

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