Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Kristina Douglas--Warrior (The Fallen #3)

Paranormal Romance-Angels

There comes a time in every Angels life....

Every little girl imagines, now and then, that she's a princess held captive in a tower. But Victoria Bellona is almost twenty-five. And that whole fairy-tale scenario? That's her real life. The drop-dead gorgeous man who rescues her is no Prince Charming. He's the gruff archangel Michael, and he insists that Tory is the Fallen's only hope for ending Uriel's vicious rule. She insists he's crazy.

To show his brethren what he's made of....

According to the prophecy, Michael must marry this frustrating, fascinating creature, bed her, and drink her blood. But their fate is a double-edged sword. If they give in to their urgently growing desires, Tory will die in battle. If they refuse, she will die anyway, and with her, all of mankind. Michael is determined to find another solution when a traitorous kidnapper forces him into a deadly confrontation. Even if he can save Tory from Uriel's ruthless clutches, will they ever really be together? Or is her fatal destiny--and the world's--written in stone?

{4 stars}
This is one of the most interesting angel series I have ever read. The Fallen are not your sweet, loving, angels. The Fallen are the true fallen, cast out by Uriel for disobeying his rule. They are sent to earth, where they were originally assigned to guide the dead to Heaven or Hell as decided by fate. But Raziel (book 1) decided to save a human woman when he discovered that Uriel was sending all humans to hell whether they deserved it or not. Now the Fallen no longer follow that path. They are now just trying to survive and defeat Uriel's army. Uriel wants to wipe out all of humankind, and in the process wipe out the Fallen. Michael is a true warrior, and is completely reluctant to follow the prophecy that he should wed Tory in order to win the battle against Uriel's army. But once he has Tory in Sheol, her charming, innocent, sarcastic personality charms the stiff, stubborn warrior into falling in love with her. She is at times, a little immature, but since she was held prisoner by her mother until her 25th birthday, she hasn't really grown up. Sometimes its funny, sometimes its annoying, but you can say the same for Michael's stubborness. I could go on and on about this series, there is so much happening not just with Tory and Michael, but also with the other mated couples and the war against Uriel. New Fallen are arriving and lots of changes are happening to the sanctuary of Sheol. And I love every word of it....Can't wait for Rebel.....


  1. isn't that always the way? you love them but you can't because the earth will be destroyed or you'll die either way! hope they work that out!! lol I love love love angel stories! Thank you for the review!! I found your site through the list in the making connections group on goodreads and am following you! Hope you will check out my blog as well!
    Have a great day!

    1. Thanks Amanda, I checked out your blog and have added it to my blog feed of fellow bloggers.(love that new feature)

      Happy Reading! Stacy