Sunday, July 22, 2012

Dana Marie Bell (Halle Pumas #3- #5)

Paranormal Romance--shifters

Cat of a Different Color #3
Hell do whatever it takes to protect his mate. Halle Pumas, Book 3 Dr. Adrian Giordano is quite happy with the way his life is going. His two best friends are happily mated, and hes still sanely single. He has friends, a thriving business, and the occasional Saturday night date. Then Sheridan Montgomery comes to town. His inner Puma responds to the husky-voiced snow princess in a way that tells him his life is about to be turned upside down. Sheri cant believe her luck could be this bad. Instinct tells her Adrian is her mate, but the last thing she wants to do is drag him into her messy life. Shes on the run from a big bad wolfan ex who wont take no for an answer. Worse, if he catches her, hes got the teeth (and the Pack ) to take what he wants. She doesnt stand a chance alone, but with her friendsand the persistent Adrianby her side, she might just survive. If her ex doesnt eat the yummy Dr. Giordano for lunch, that is] Warning: This title contains explicit sex, graphic language, a handsome, dark-eyed shifter and a couple of bites to remember..

Steel Beauty #4
Coping with a devastating injury is hard enough for Belinda--Belle--Campbell. Forced separation from her destined mate while she heals is almost more than she can endure. Until she is strong enough to take up her duties as Luna of the Poconos Wolf Pack, however, the safest place for her is Halle. Now, after months of being alone, she is more than ready to be claimed. But is the pack ready for a Puma Luna?

Rick Lowell has waited long enough to bring Belle home where she belongs. He's aware of the danger, as well--and it isn't long before a bitch with an eye on Belle's position issues a challenge. The only way to put down the threat is for Belle to defeat the usurper in combat.

There's only one problem. Thanks to the pins in her broken hip, Belle can't shift. Without that tactical advantage, it won't be a fair fight. With his new mate's life on the line, Rick is forced to make a decision that will change everything.

That is, if Belle gives him the chance to make it.

Only in My Dreams #5
Delayed gratification has its place. This wouldn't be it

Gabriel Anderson has accepted a unique position in the shifter world. He's about to become a Hunter, one of the few trained and sanctioned to hunt down the rare rogue shifter dangerous to humans and shifters alike. There's one catch: until his training is complete, he must hold off on marking his mate. No problem...after all, she probably couldn't handle the sexual demands he dreams of making on her.

Her mate's apparent desertion devastates Sarah. And his friendship with another woman threatens the bond they should be sharing and building. Maybe flirting with another man will make him sit up and take notice-and finally win Gabe's heart. It works. Almost too well. One touch of another man's hand on Sarah's tempting body brings every ounce of Gabe's possessiveness roaring to the surface. He wastes no time making his erotic dreams of dominating her a reality-whether she's ready for it or not. If she's not, the only place he'll ever have her is in his dreams...

Warning: These titles contains graphic language, explicit sex. The author is not responsible for any tall, dark and handsome men who slip into your dreams

{4.5 stars}
I read the first 2 in this series quite some time ago, and was completely charmed by them. My only complaint is that they are short reads. I read these last 2 in one afternoon. If you read them back to back its like one normal length book. And the single price for each is worth it.

The Halle Pumas, and their band of friends are a very funny bunch. They have wonderful senses of humor which really makes this series fun. Quick witted banter, and off the charts passion makes a nice way to spend the afternoon.

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