Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Elisabeth Naughton-Enslaved (Eternal Guardians #5)

Genre: Paranormal Romance-greek mythology

After being rescued from the Underworld, Gryphon is plagued by strange voices and an evil foreboding. He believes that his only hope for salvation is to track down the goddess who cursed him...until he meets Maelea.
A prisoner with no bars, Maelea encounters Gryphon on her quest to find Olympus. He's about to test her loyalty to the gods, and she's ready to find out if he still has a heart worth saving...

{5 stars}   

ARC provided by netgalley

Comfortable, this is just one of those series I just enjoy reading. I picked it up because I have a fondness for Greek Mythology, and had never read anything about the Argonauts. This series does not disappoint. The characters (and couples) are well developed and balanced for each other, they just seem to "fit" when they find each other. And this series is not the same old "history" that has been written to death. Daemons, Gods, the Underworld, it has it all without repeating themes. It is a refreshing change and keeps my interest each time I read the next installment.

Gryphon and Maelea have had it worst of all in the luck department. Gryphon's soul was stolen and sent to the Underworld to be tortured and enslaved by Atalanta And Maelea has been alive for thousands of years because of her parents, two greedy, angry, selfish GODS. This book just seems to flow perfectly. Gryphon and Maelea are planning to escape from the colony (for different reasons) and wind up teaming up just to survive. They really are a balanced couple, both needing to balance the dark in him, and the light in her. Their story brings this series forward in a big way. It may not seem as climactic as previous ones, but I think that's what made it work. It was just their story, and two people finding the "balance" they needed. But, the ending did leave us with the series moving in a whole new direction, with new enemies to battle. Can't wait for the next one....

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