Friday, September 11, 2009

Chelsea Cain-- "Evil at Heart"

Gretchen Lowell is still on the loose. These days, she's more of a celebrity than a feared killer, thanks to sensationalist news coverage that has made her a star. Her face graces magazine covers weekly and there have been sightings of her around the world. Most shocking of all, Portland Herald reporter Susan Ward has uncovered a bizarre kind of fan club, which celebrates the number of days she's been free. Archie Sheridan hunted her for a decade, and after his last ploy to catch her went spectacularly wrong, remains hospitalized months later. When they last spoke, they entered a detente of sorts--Archie agreed not to kill himself if she agreed not to kill anyone else. But when a new body is found accompanied by Gretchen's trademark heart, all bets are off and Archie is forced back to her gruesome ways, or has the cult surrounding her created a whole new evil?

***This is the 3rd installment in the Gretchen Lowell series, and it does not disappoint. Archie is pulled back into the hunt from his room in the psych ward where Gretchen has been keeping tabs on him thru clever means. But is she the one hunting again, or is it the leader of the fan club whose sister was murdered and tortured by Gretchen in front of him? Or was it really Gretchen who killed her? I love that the gender of the superbly twisted killer is a female. It makes the battle between her and Archie all the more interesting. Archie has survived her scalpel and torture where she took him to the brink of death over and over for days before being caught. I could go on and on about this series, but i think i have spoiled enough already. Start at the beginning with Heartsick, and you will be hooked!

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