Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Christina dodd-- "Storm of visions"

When the world was young, twins were born. One brought light to a dark world; the other, darkness and danger. They gathered others around them, men and women destined to use their powerful gifts for good or evil. Today, their descendants walk the earth as the Chosen, and the ultimate battle is about to begin.
Jacqueline Vargha has always run from her gift. Until Caleb D'Angelo forces his way into her life and insists she take her place as one of the Chosen. She flees, he pursues, but she can no longer deny her visions, or the dangerous man who is her downfall...and her destiny.

***The Chosen? More like the scooby-doo gang. There is nothing serious about this story. I read the Darkness chosen series that preceded this series, and it was much better. The characters are underdeveloped and at times silly. The love story between Jacqueline and Caleb is cute, but nothing more. The book never truly gets into the heart of the basis for the story. Which of course is good vs. evil. But it lacked that spark that makes you want to rush out and get the next book. Not a "must read", just a Sunday on the sofa read.

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