Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Rhyannon Byrd-- "Blood Runner Series"

this review covers the whole 3 part series:
Last Wolf Hunting
Last Wolf Standing
Last Wolf Watching

When offspring are born of a union between human and Lycan, the resulting creations may only gain acceptance within their rightful pack by the act of Bloodrunning: the hunting and extermination of rogue Lycans who have taken a desire for human flesh. Thus they prove not only their strength, but their willingness to kill for those they will swear to protect to the death. The League of Elders will predetermine the Bloodrunner's required number of kills. Once said number kills are efficiently accomplished only then may the Bloodrunner assume a place among their kin, complete with full rights and privileges.

***The first book caught me within the first 10 pages and never let me go. This is not your ordinary werewolf series. As with all stories there is good and evil, but the Bloodrunners fight for the good side. And with most werewolf books, werewolves mate for life. And once they find that mate they will fight everything to keep it. The character development in this series is great, i became attached to all of them, and quickly finished all 3 books in 4 days. I enjoyed seeing all 3 wolves being brought to "heel" so to speak by the one woman who was their match in every way. There is an underlying story of course, about rogue wolves and a conspiracy to bring down the League and take control of the pack like a little Hitler. It all comes together in 3 short books, i am only sorry that there are only 3 books in this series. I would love to see a couple of more, and would highly recommend this series to anyone. I loved it!

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