Thursday, March 4, 2010

Michelle Gagnon-- "Boneyard"

FBI special agent Kelly Jones has worked on many disturbing cases in her career, but nothing like this. A mass grave site unearthed on the Appalachian Trail puts Kelly at the head of an investigation that crosses the line--from Massachusetts to Vermont, from wealthy vacationers to poor transients, from a serial killer to a copycat nemesis. Assisted by law enforcement from both states and a forensic anthropologist, Kelly searches for the killers. But as darkness falls, another victim is taken. Kelly must race to save him before he joins the the boneyard.

***this is the second installment in the FBI agent Kelly Jones series, and was much better than the first. The first third of the book was slow and i didn't become really interest in the story until the second third, but by the final section the chase was on and it was a page turner. I can't wait to read the next one just to see if Kelly and Jake wind up together. Overall, the book wasn't bad. But the reporter Jan, was a complete waste of space and you can skip over that without losing the story or plot line.

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