Saturday, March 13, 2010

Michelle Gagnon-- "The Gatekeeper"

From the moment 16 year old Madison Grant is abducted, an unthinkable terrorist plot is set in motion--pitting Special Agent Kelly Jones against her most powerful adversary yet. The kidnapper's ransom demands aren't monetary...they come at a cost that no American can afford to pay. As Kelly's fiance, Jake Riley races to find Madison, Kelly is assigned to another disturbing case: the murder and dismemberment of a senator. At first the two cases don't appear to be related. But as Kelly navigates her way through the darkest communities of America--from skinheads to biker gangs to border militias--she discovers a horrible truth. A shadowy figure who calls himself The Gatekeeper is uniting hate groups, opening the door to the worst home grown attack in American history.

***(spoiler alert) This is the 3rd book in the series, and maybe the last? It is about 100 pages to long, i skimmed thru most of it, just catching the important points of the story. And i only read this one looking for the resolution to Kelly and Jake's relationship. I am not fond of government espionage stories and was bored with almost the entire book. But what i liked the least was the ending..... I know books almost always have a cliff-hanger ending to keep you reading the series. But i have not been so irritated with an ending since Karin Slaughter killed off my favorite character in her Grant County series. Kelly is in a medically induced coma from a grenade blast. Jake is at her side, and the book simply ends with her (in her mind) letting go and floating away. I am not sure i will keep going with this series if there are more to come. I only like the relationship between Kelly and Jake, the stories themselves do not keep my attention.

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