Saturday, April 3, 2010

Eileen Wilks-- "Mortal Danger" (Lupi series)

Former homicide cop Lily Yu has a lot on her plate. There's her sister's wedding, a missing magical staff with unknown powers, and her grandmother's sudden decision to visit the old country just when Lily could use a little advice. Maybe she should turn to the man she's involved with, but for all the passion that flares between the, she doesn't really know Rule Turner. yet she's tied to him for life, both of them caught in an unbreakable mate bond. That Rule is a werewolf, a prince of his people, only complicates matters....
Now an agent in a special unit of the FBI's Magical Crimes Division. Lily's job is to hunt down Harlowe, a charismatic cult leader bent on bringing an ancient evil into the world. But what Lily doesn't realize is that Harlowe has set a trap--for her. And then the unthinkable happens.

***Gives a whole new meaning to "going thru hell". Just when Lily catches up to Harlowe, she is split in two and one half of her soul is dragged to hell with Rule in wolf form. Rule cannot change back because Hell doesn't have a moon. But they survive with the help of the demon that dragged them there. And the half of Lily that was left behind has to convince everyone that Rule is not dead and that they need to save him. Takes a team effort to open a door to hell and go on a rescue mission. It's an interesting path in the series, we pick up a couple of new characters along the way. The focus moves away from the "mate bond" and into the character and series development. Each new character that is introduced is quirky and charming and i am looking forward to the rest of the series.

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