Saturday, July 3, 2010

Pamela Palmer-- "Rapture Untamed" (Feral Warriors series)

The most combative--and tormented--of all the Ferals, Jag is a predator who hunts alone--until daemons terrorize the human population. To stop them, he partners with Olivia, a flame-haired Therian temptress as strong as she is beautiful. but Olivia is no ordinary immortal. The survivor of a vicious supernatural attack, she possesses a deadly and forbidden skill--one that must remain hidden, especially from the powerful Feral Warriors.

As Jag and Olivia's sensual dance of dominance and seduction gets wilder and hotter, a dark force sets its sights on Olivia, threatening to destroy everything she has vowed to protect. And the only one who can save her soul is the arrogant jaguar shifter she lusts for but dares not love.

**** (4 stars)
Not my favorite couple, but I still like them. Jag and Olivia have a lot of baggage going into this book. Working out ones demons is always a rough ride, but their story is worth telling. This series has been one of my best discoveries, don't let the titles or the cover art fool you. They are not cheesy romance. They have a story and each of the warriors will hook you with theirs. This one felt a little too long but WOW, what a cliff hanger this one has! I won't give it away, but i will be watching the mailbox for the next book.

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