Sunday, July 11, 2010

Shannon Butcher-- "Running Scared" (Sentintel Wars)

Lexi Johns has one purpose: to free her best friend from the hands of the Sentinels. And Zach, the Sentinel she has been running from for months, has one goal: to convince her that their destinies are entwined. For the magic that Zach has absorbed could destroy him if he doesn't find the woman who can channel it for him. And he knows Lexi is the one.

From an early age, Lexi has been taught to fear the Sentinels. And now she is an agent of a group out to destroy them. So when Zach finds her, it is Lexi's chance to strike at the heart of the Sentinels. But, as Lexi sees Zach's courage, selflessness, and honor, she begins to doubt her beliefs--and is faced with an unbearable choice.

*** (3.5 stars)
Bored. The first 2 books in this series were full of action, layers, and characters. The series moved along at a pace that kept me from putting the book down. This one had me skimming thru most of it. Butcher spent way to much time keeping us inside Lexi's head, and it took to long to convince her to change her mind about the Sentinels, about 100 pages to much. I didn't feel the passion between her and Zach that I found with the previous 2 couples. Their story lost it's spark once he caught her. We had a couple of very short glimpses into other layers of the story, we know who the spy is, but the next plot he was told to accomplish died in a very short chapter. We got a glimpse at the lullaby project, but not enough to understand it. We got to meet the Prince who fathered some of the Theronai women, but it was a weak portion of the story. I'm not giving up on this series at all, I was just not as excited about this book. Looks like book 4 is about Nika and Madoc, and I am really looking forward to that story.

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