Saturday, October 9, 2010

Lora Leigh--Styx's Storm (Breeds series)

When Storme Montague's father and brother are killed by the Breeds, her father's research is also destroyed--except for a crucial data chip that both the Council and the Breeds would kill to possess. Betrayed to the Council, she is rescued by Styx, a Wolf Breed who is different from most other Breeds she has ever known. Storme has something he wants too--but it's not a data chip.

There's never been a woman who bad boy Styx couldn't seduce. But can the charmer of the Wolf Breed charm the enemy?

Or has the enemy come up with a plan of her own? A plan that could destroy the tentative balance the Breeds have created in society and among their allies--and that may ultimately destroy them both.....

(4 stars)
Storme is not a likable character, understandably so given her history. But her prejudice and hatred bogs the book down for to long. Storme had a lot of baggage to overcome before she gives in to Styx. I like Styx, but his character was not developed enough for me and there was very little action until the last portion of the book. I hate to say the book was boring, because I really love the Breeds, but it wasn't the most thrilling installment of the series. The main plot moves forward somewhat, and Cassie gives a couple of hints into the upcoming Navarro story. Overall, not bad, but not the best. I think I like the Feline Breeds better....

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