Sunday, October 31, 2010

Jessa Slade--Seduced by Shadows (Marked Souls Novel)

Her life was never that good especially after her mother committed suicide and her father proved pathetic while her brothers fled the family. However, Sera Littlejohn's life became worse when she is crippled in an accident; now she lives every moment with unbearable pain and a struggle to get around.

Although she had not thought much of possession, the demon entices her with healing her battered body by taking it over, which also denotes damned. However, when she meets also possessed Ferris Archer, she finds her soul mate. He, in turn, has never met a demonic-possessed woman although he knows she is his if he does not have to kill her for what is inside her.

* (failure)
I had high hopes for this book. The story sounded interesting, but I struggled from the first page. Maybe I expected this book to be like the Lords of the Underworld series who are possessed by demons also. But Slade's writing is to intellectual for me, not emotional enough. It doesn't flow smoothly, it was like listening to a CD skip, it gave me a headache. I gave it 50 pages to hook me, but unlike the other reviews, I just can't continue with it in hopes it gets better. I won't be reading the rest of this series. Sorry Slade.

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