Friday, November 5, 2010

Christina Dodd--Chains of Ice (The Chosen Ones series)

For one magic summer, Genny Valente escapes to spend time as a wildlife observer in the untamed mountains. Little does she know that a beast lurks in the forest…a man, one of the Chosen, betrayed by his gift & tormented by memories. John Powell has fled his fate and his duty, yet in Genny he sees his chance for redemption. He will stalk her, kidnap her, love her as only a savage can. But when a new betrayal threatens, John must call on the powers he swore he’d never use again. Then only Genny’s love can save him…if she dares tame the one man she can’t live without…

***(3.5 stars)
I read the first 2 books in this series, and thought they were a waste of time. I don't know why I put the next 2 on my wish list, but I thought I would give the series another try. Nicely surprised! The series is really starting to pull together, the characters are becoming more developed (still annoying and silly at times) but they are learning their place in the grand scheme of things. I felt a little lost with the back story about Gary and John's team, like I had skipped a book, but eventually you find out what happened and are able to piece it all together. I really like John and Genny's story, it developed outside of the "Chosen One's" group, so you learned alot about them without them being lost among the others. Still not the best series I have ever read, but it does seem to be getting better and the core of the series is coming together. Still don't really understand the point of the "hand", but I will read the next one in the series, hope it holds up as well as this one did.

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