Saturday, January 15, 2011

Annette McCleave--Surrender to Darkness (Soul Gatherer series)

As an immortal, Jamie Murdoch has spent lifetimes battling demons. But he's cursed with an inner berserker, and his expertise as a Soul Gatherer is overshadowed by uncontrollable rage. Sent to Japan to investigate a mystical weapon that can destroy demons, Jamie feels out of place in a society that values tranquillity and self-control.

Kiyoko Ashida has dedicated her life to fighting evil. Now she's dying, and her remaining days are linked to a mysterious artifact, which is the only thing keeping her alive. Still, her path is clear--until the day a valiant Soul Gatherer storms into her life and, with one fateful touch, steals her heart.

The Veil is both destroyer and healer, and Jamie knows Kiyoko cannot survive without it. But when the malicious ambitions of a fallen angel target the artifact, he's torn between fulfilling his duty and saving the life of the woman he loves.

*** (3 stars)
3rd in the series, and my least favorite so far. It's a nice story, but not a page-turning thriller. This book was easy to put down, but it kept my interest just barely enough to finish it. This series is interesting in the fact that it is very different than most paranormal romance. It centers, loosely, around religion and demons. The religious aspect is not heavy, or off-putting. And it's just different enough to get your attention. Murdoch and Kiyoko are not a very passionate couple. Their love affair is played out in mental dialogue and dreams. And the Japanese angle gets a little annoying. But the plot of the overall series moves ahead a little, and was very anti-climatic for me. Not to say I won't keep reading this series, it just won't be my first pick off the shelf.

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