Sunday, January 30, 2011

Anna Windsor--Captive Spirit (Dark Crescent Sisterhood)

The night holds endless pleasures... and hides nameless terrors. — Bela Argos has suffered too many losses to count, and she's determined to keep her new fighting group safe. Manhattan is under siege by a new and deadly pride of demons, and she'll do whatever it takes to defeat the evil band of murderers and protect her new family--even kill the sexy, wounded police officer she's hiding in her basement.

Duncan Sharp never believed in the supernatural. A war veteran with many years of service in the NYPD, he prefers to solve his problems with badge, cuffs, and bullets. When he wakes to find himself hostage to a gorgeous bunch of women in leather--women who command earth, air, fire, and water--he doesn't know what to think, and when Bela's around, thinking is damned hard, anyway. Never mind the supernatural infection threatening to end his life and turn him into a creature he can't begin to imagine.

**** (4 stars)
This is the next trilogy in the Dark Crescent Sisterhood and it's been a long wait. This book was a slow start for me, there is some back story being told and a lot of work to pull the new fighting "quad" together. At times it was boring for me, but each member of the new group is interesting and unique, even Duncan and John. The Legion is gone, but not all of the Legion followers are gone, and now they are trying to create a whole new enemy. Once the fighting started with the new enemy, a group of tiger-shifting demons, the story took off. I look forward to the next two books.

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