Saturday, February 5, 2011

Anna Windsor--Captive Soul (Dark Crescent Sisterhood)

Her flame power nearly extinguished in a battle against the dark forces attempting to control Manhattan, fire Sybil Camille Fitzgerald is down but not out. Joining a new quad of warrior witches, she hopes to reclaim her fighting spirit and, with luck, her pyrotechnic mastery. Two problems on that front: a new army of cannibalistic demons and her superheated lust for John Cole, an unholy blend of demon and U.S. Special Forces agent now working under cover for New York's Occult Crimes Unit.

John knows he can't be trusted--hell, he can't trust himself. Unfortunately, it's a body belonging to the Sybil's worst enemy, whose supernasty essence still lingers. But when John's demon energy seems more alive than dead, it's Camille whose scorching kiss keeps him human--for now. All he's got to do is master his dark side and save Camille and the Sybils from an army of satanic hellboys planning their ultimate destruction.

*** (3 stars)
I like this series and this is the second book in the second trilogy. John and Camille have their own personal demons and doubts to combat to win against their new enemy. John has gone from his own body, to living inside Duncan's head for a while, to being thrust into a demon's body he must control to remain himself. Camille must discover how to tame and control her new pyrosentience. Their love story is complicated and cute. But we spend more time in the war against their new enemy than falling into their love. I liked this book better than the first, but it is not the page-turning obsession I had hoped for. The first story had to have a lot of plot building, so I had hoped this one would move along with more action. It's about a 100 pages to long, it gets bogged down in the lengthy, lengthy, amount of details. I found myself skimming through sections only reading the dialogue to get to the action which starts moving in the last 100 pages. I don't feel like I missed anything. If you haven't read this series, start with the first trilogy. Even though it is long, the series is a good one.

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