Sunday, March 27, 2011

Jaime Rush--Burning Darkness (The Offspring Series)

They live ordinary lives, but they are extraordinary. They are the Offspring, children of a mysterious experiment gone awry -- and they are in terrible danger. — A government-trained assassin, Fonda Raine has her sights locked on her latest target: Eric Aruda, one of the rogue Offspring -- a pyrokenetic who can create fires with just a thought. But Fonda has awesome powers of her own -- and her ability to astral project and be in two places at one time enables her to put herself exactly where she wants to be... in Eric's bed.

Eric is stunned and pleased by the inexplicable appearance of the mysterious enchantress, unaware that Fonda plans to seduce him, throw him off his guard, and then eliminate him. But the game changes radically with the arrival of an assassin from hell with orders to destroy them both. And suddenly Fonda and Eric have only two choices: to join forces or go down in flames.

***** (5 stars)
Excellent!! This is my favorite one of this series so far, Eric has always been a hard pain-in-the-ass character that you love to hate. And now we get to see him come undone, face his demons, and help Fonda overcome hers. All while on the run and trying to kill off their enemies. A lot gets answered in this book, and it seems almost like this could be the end of the story. But no, Rush has more for us to read. This book was a page-turning addiction for me, reading it all in one day. Eric and Fonda are a great couple, and I really enjoyed their journey. It was passionate, drama filled, and in the end, worth it all. You can read this book without reading the others, but I recommend starting at the beginning so you get the full impact.

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