Friday, May 13, 2011

Alexis Morgan--Bound by Darkness (Paladin Novel)

Sasha is a woman on a mission. With a volatile situation in Seattle where the warriors have abandoned protocol by offering sanctuary to their Kalith enemy, Sasha needs to restore order -- and prove herself to her well-respected Regent father. But when she meets Larem, her valiant and handsome new Kalith bodyguard, all of her preconceived notions about his kind crumble and what once seemed so black and white is suddenly very gray. And after she finds herself directly in the crossfire between the Regents and the Paladins, Sasha must choose to stand behind her father or beside the warrior she loves.

{3.5 stars}
Cute, sweet, not the action packed passion Morgan usually display's, but a nice book anyway. Larem is the kind of character every woman loves, quiet, strong, and a little lost in our world. He finds his attraction to Sasha grounds him in some way. The overall Paladin war makes a little headway with the discovery of the traitors in the organization, and a few suprises are in store as to is actually allied with Kincade. Sasha and Larem's story is sweet, not a page turning obsession, but still a very nice part of the overall Paladin world. If you haven't read this series, start at the beginning, its a great one. You will love the Paladin's as much as I do.

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