Sunday, June 12, 2011

Alexis Morgan--The Darkness Beyond (A Paladin novel)

D.J. Clayborne has finally met his match. After weeks of playing cyber tag, a mysterious hacker bests D.J. at his own game. His nemesis downloads a top-secret history of the Paladins, forcing him to go on the hunt. The trail leads D.J. straight to Regina Morrison, a woman who is as sexy as she is talented in the cyber world.

Reggie has been working around the clock to stop a legendary computer hacker from accessing her clients’ files, but the last thing she expects is to have D.J. show up at her door. Or that he’s even hotter than his evasive avatar. Soon they’re flirting with a dangerous line between duty and desire.

Now, Reggie’s investigation gets her kidnapped by the Others and forced across the hostile energy barrier into an alien world. And it’s up to D.J. to track down the captivating woman whose ability to break through his firewalls is also breaking through to his warrior’s heart.

{4.5 stars}
I have always liked DJ, he is a great character who really deserved his happy ending.  DJ has been "living" in cyber space far too long and needed a little human (or woman) contact in his life. After finding out that his elusive cyber stalker is a woman, he falls instantly. She is just stubborn and talented enough to run circles around DJ. But her nosy mind gets her kidnapped by more of the leftovers from Kincaid's treachery. I don't particularly like it when the story goes over to Kalithia for most of the book, its a bleak world and has no romance to it at all. But it was crucial to this story and so I stuck with it. I think Reggie and Cody are going to make nice additions to this growing family of Paladins. Even though it's 372 pages, it's an easy read and all our favorite characters make a appearance.

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