Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lynn Viehl--Nightshine (Kyndred series)

Paranormal Romance-vampire/other

When San Francisco paramedic Charlotte "Charlie" Marena stops to help at the scene of an accident, she never imagines she'll wind up trapped on a Mexican island, with orders to procreate with powerful Takyn Samuel Taske. In her mind, he's got two strikes against him: He knows about her secret nighttime telepathic ability and he's too wealthy to be trusted.

Samuel is psychic, but he's never foreseen that he'll fall for the woman he has been charged with protecting. GenHance--the biotech company willing to do anything to acquire superhuman DNA--is after them, and when Samuel discovers that his Takyn powers have abandoned him, Charlie's gift is their only hope for survival....

{4 stars}
I was confused at first. I get the Darkyn and Kyndred series mixed up. But once they landed on the island, everything made more sense. The story as a whole is a great part of the series, Samuel and Charlie are a perfect couple. But I did have a hard time grasping the plot of this story, it always seemed like I was missing something important or it was a little rushed. The pieces get all tied together at the end nicely though, and I had that "Ok I get it now" moment. We also get a glimpse at some previous Kyndred and Darkyn couples. I am really interested to see where this series is going, it almost reads like the Kyndred and Darkyn series are going to blend into one moving forward. All in all, a nice read.

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