Sunday, January 29, 2012

Karin Slaughter--Thorn in My Side (short story)

Short Story-truly unique topic

It could have been just any night, and they could have just been any two brothers -- but it wasn't, and they weren't. The scene is an Atlanta bar. The music is loud and the dance floor is packed. The good-looking brother picks up a girl. But when dark deeds ensue out in the parking lot, what happens next can only be described in two words: vintage Slaughter

{5 stars}
I don't usually review short stories, but I am a devout fan of Karin Slaughter and couldn't resist the temptation of this short story. She has one of the most unique and twisted imaginations I have ever read. Without giving any of the suprises and details away, I will just say that if you are a Karin Slaughter fan, you must read this.

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