Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sophie Oak--Beast (A Faery Story #2)

Erotic Romance-faery tale--adult content

Fresh from his latest scandal, vampire playboy Dante Dellacourt has been given an ultimatum – take a consort and settle down or be disowned.

Exiled by her pack, the werewolf Kaja is stolen from her frozen plane and awakens in a foreign world. Frightened and alone, she savagely fights for her freedom.

When Dante and his Fae cousins are called to defend the gnomes of the marketplace from their feral prize, he discovers that Kaja glows like no other consort he has ever seen. Exotic and wild, her body calls to him in ways he had not dreamed possible.

In order to claim his werewolf, he must first tame this ferocious beauty. But to earn her submission, will Dante be forced to unleash his inner beast?

{3 stars}
I hate to admit it, but I was rather disappointed in this one. As much as I love Sophie Oak, and she is an amazing storyteller, this one seemed to be just a "bridge" story to get us to the next one. It lost is "fae" charm the first book held for me. I felt no emotional attachment to Dante, and Kaja was so innocent, at times, Dante's sexual attention bordered on creepy. I found myself skimming most of the book once they were on the Vampire plane just so I could find out what happens with Beck, Ci, and Meg. And even though I didn't "feel" this one, I am looking forward to the next one, it sounds like we will be returning to the "faery story" I became attached to.

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