Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lynn Viehl--Nightborn (Lords of the Darkyn #1)

Paranormal Romance

As the high lord's most trusted warrior, Korvel is resigned to eternal loneliness, because he has sacrificed everything, even love, for his duty. When he is ambushed while retrieving an ancient Templar scroll, he is saved by Simone Derien, an innocent who captivates him.

Only Simone knows the scroll's terrible power, and her duty is to prevent its curse being unleashed.  Somehow she must recover it while resisting the dangerous passion she feels for the handsome warrior.

As Korvel helps her track the scroll and elude a crazed assassin on their trail. Simone hides another terrifying secret: She has been ordered to kill Korvel as soon as they secure the treasure.....

{2.5 stars}
Eh.....not a stellar book for me. I loved the original Darkyn series, but I have struggled with the Kyndred. The constant "french" language is annoying, it impedes the flow of the book for me. Simone, even though she is a trained assassin, and the protector of the secret of the scroll, she is written to seem very weak. She is too timid and it doesn't quite fit for me, adding in the extra annoying appearance of Nicola and Gabriel. Well, Nicola is annoying, she is always complaining and negative, didn't really care for her when it was her and Gabriel's book. But I trudged on through this one because out of all the Kyndred series characters, Korvel is my favorite and I wanted to see how this played out. Still confused about the scroll and its purpose and/or power, to many unanswered questions. Overall I really enjoyed Korvel, but as for the rest....take it or leave it. Not sure whether I will continue with this series. The Lords is supposed to be a trilogy, so I might give the next one a try if it's free.

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