Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sophie Oak-Siren in Bloom (Texas Sirens #6)

Erotic Romance

For Leo Meyer, being the Dom in residence at The Club has been a perfect life. A strict daily routine free from emotional attachment has been safe and comfortable. But when the only woman he ever loved walks back into his life, his world is turned upside down.

Wolf Meyer has been restless since an injury ended his career in the Navy SEALs. Hoping to reconnect with his brother Leo, Wolf accepted a job with Julian Lodge. His first assignment is to train Shelley McNamara, a gorgeous sub with a troubled past.

Shelley came to The Club to forge a new life and heal her wounded heart. She never dreamed that exploring her dark fantasies with her new Master would leave her caught between two brothers.

When Shelley’s life is threatened, the Meyer brothers will have to work together and use all their training to save her life and claim her heart.

{4.5 stars}
Yes, I am a Sophie Oak junkie. So therefore, I love all of the Texas Siren and Bliss series. And I have waited a loooong time for Leo's story. The combination of Leo and his brother Wolf is perfect, and Shelley is the right fit inbetween them. Shelley is a little brat spitfire, who doesn't let them get away with walking away from her once she has finally made up her mind that they are all she wants. Wolf is moving in with Leo after leaving Bliss, and he has no idea the woman he has been talking to is Shelley, the love of Leo's life. But once he puts the pieces together, he plots to make sure that they all 3 start their family together. Of course, in true Oak fashion someone from the past is back to cause trouble. Someone gets kidnapped and/or shot at, but there is always someone on hand to do the rescuing. All the Texas bunch make an appearance and Julian is in his usual form of controlling behind the scenes. Logan has moved to Dallas with Wolf so he can get help with his issues from Leo, so his storyline is still in the making. Loved it!

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