Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Lisa Renee Jones--Secrets Exposed (Tall, Dark, and Deadly #0.5)

Romantic Suspense

Her enemy is her passion, her passion is her enemy.

Lindsey Paxton was once the number one defense attorney in New York. She fought for those who were innocent, but charged. Her instincts were her lifeline, never failing her, as they guided her in her choices of who to defend. Or so she thought. Until she won a case she would forever wish to have lost. Her client, an accused rapist, kills and rapes a woman only a day after being set free. Destroyed by her role in the woman's death, Lindsey blames her father's controlling ways for what she has become, and runs from her career and life. Years later - the past becomes the present . . . Her father has cancer, and Lindsey is forced to leave her career with the Washington branch of the FBI. She finds herself facing the responsibility of running her father's law firm with the reluctant help of hotshot attorney Mark Reeves, a man who sparks her temper while also managing to tempt her body, her mind, maybe even her heart. With his help she finds herself fighting the emotional battles of the past, tempted to trust both him and her instincts. Now, faced with a case inherited from her father so similar to her career-ending one, she now must decide if her instincts will lead her down the path to saving an innocent man or setting free another killer. But while she fights her own battles, someone watches, wanting from the past what he had failed to get the first time . . . Lindsey.

{3 stars}
I picked this up as a box set deal of the day. (book 1-3, with the prequel incl). This prequel was a romance and a suspense thriller. But at times, the 2 halves of this story seemed to complete with each other, kind of like fraternal twins. The suspense half didn't seem to make much sense in the romance half other than it is how Lindsey and Mark came together. Confusing to say the least. I, at times, rocked back and forth as to what I liked most. The suspense half could have been a really good thriller all by itself with no romance involved at all. And the romance half didn't need the suspense/murder/thriller part to support it. Mark and Lindsey could have developed without it. Muddled for sure. Nothing erotic about it. But all in all, I liked the story, getting it for free was worth the time I spent with it. And I will certainly finish reading the box set. I am hoping the next storyline has a clear path in mind.

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