Thursday, January 1, 2015

Lisa Renee Jones - Revealing Us (Inside Out #3)

New York Times bestselling author Lisa Renee Jones takes readers on the ultimate journey of a sensual discovery in Revealing Us, the unforgettable climax of the trilogy.

You've discovered Rebecca’s secrets. You've discovered Sara’s secrets. Now Sara will discover “his” deepest, darkest secrets…but will those secrets bind them together—or tear them apart?

No in-between…

He has become her life, her heart, her very soul. But he is dark and damaged, and his secrets are many. Sara will risk everything for him. He, in turn, will dare to expose his deepest needs, his most erotic desires. And in the fury of passion he will reveal all that torments him, all that he can never escape. To love him, Sara must embrace the darkest part of him, and become his shelter in a storm that will be his                                                                             ultimate salvation.

***{4 stars}***

I rarely read a series back to back. It will sometimes backfire on me and I wind up feeling less of an impact when I am finished. And even though I thought some of the plot points were predictable, I thought the overall storyline was unique and strong enough to carry through to the end. It was never boring and it kept my attention page after page. Sara and Chris are damaged characters, but their secrets aren't so bad that they will walk away from each other. I really like this series, and I love that I have a bunch of Novellas to read, cause I feel like this isn't the end of their story........

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