Monday, March 2, 2015

Callie Hart & Lili St. Germain - Hell's Kitchen (Hell's Kitchen #1)

*From International Bestselling authors Callie Hart and Lili St. Germain comes a tale of two families co-existing in a melting pot of violence, murder and drugs in the seedy underbelly of New York City*

Hell’s Kitchen

Theo and Sal Barbieri are brothers, tasked by their Mafioso father Roberto with a very clear purpose: kidnap Kaitlin McLaughlin. The beautiful daughter of Roberto’s Irish enemy. It’s high time Kaitlin was punished for her father’s sins—not to mention, her own.

And Operation: Kidnap Kaitlin is a roaring success… until it isn’t. When Kaitlin escapes into the busy streets of New York City, it’s a race against the clock to find her before Sal and Theo become the hunted.

Zeth Mayfair has traded his life as a hitman for a quieter existence, but it isn’t long before the past catches up with him in the form of Roberto Barbieri. Will he succumb to the lure of power that Roberto is offering? Or will he retaliate by killing every last Barbieri in New York to get them off his back?

Jason Ross is running. Woken in the night by a tip that the Gypsy Brothers are coming for him, he packs a bag and gets his girlfriend the hell out of dodge. Arriving in New York City in the midst of a heatwave is one thing, but being tailed by an entire drug cartel is another.

Worlds collide in Hell’s Kitchen as secrets come to light and sins are punished. Because we might be different in the light of day, but in the darkness, we’re all connected somehow.

Hell’s Kitchen is a serial comprising three volumes: Hell’s Kitchen, Tribeca and Bleecker Street. Volume One releases on March 3rd with a limited-time sale price of 99 cents.

5+ stars

Wow, I was already in love with Callie Hart and Lili St. Germain. But now I want to just fall at their feet and worship them. Both of their writing styles blend perfectly to bring characters from our 2 favorite series together with some new ones to form a perfect story. It's funny, sarcastic, sexy, and as always a little violence thrown in like extra seasoning.

We get to catch up with Zeth and Sloan, Jase and Juliette, and I'm very fascinated with the Barbieri brothers Theo and Sal. They are funny, hot, and a little on the "I just screwed up" side of life that had me laughing out loud. We get the hot sex that we are so familiar with, Zeth/Sloan, and Jase/Juliette, so I'm looking forward to see how the Barbieri brothers are going to "perform". The "job" the Barbieri brothers was assigned by their father has gone horribly wrong, and it looks like they may be on a one way track for a dirt nap if they can't pull it all back together. But a couple of women aren't making it easy for the brothers to complete their task. Oh...the best laid plans. Amazing story, can't wait for the next one!!

***ARC provided for honest review

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“When he lunges for me, I’m ready. I deflect the hand he was going to grab me with, slapping it downward, and then I grab onto his wrist, pulling him off balance. He seesaws forward but then rips his wrist out of my hand. I don’t expect him to turn his slight fumble to his own advantage, but he does. Dropping to the floor, he rolls and kicks out, landing a solid strike to my leg. I have less than a second to brace myself before I’m hitting the concrete.

Then he’s on top of me. “Oh, this is fun, sweetheart. But I don’t really have time to be playing games with you right now.”

He’s reaching for my arms, about to pin me to the ground, but I jab, landing a solid hit with my extended fingertips right in the base of his throat, in his windpipe. He chokes, his body falling sideways, and then I’m on top of him. Through watering eyes and a clearly sore throat, the guy grins up at me, shaking his head. “Well, if you wanna fuck me, I guess I could make some time.” Thrusting upward, he tries to unseat me, but I know this is what’s coming and I’m ready again. I compensate, leaning forward, pressing my gun into the guy’s neck.

“Who are you?”

His body goes still, his hands lifting so they’re palm up in front of him. “You know who I am, sweetheart. I’m the enemy.”

“My boss has quite a few enemy camps. Which one do you belong to?”

“The biggest one,” the guy says, smiling. “The Italian one.”

“So you work for Barbieri?”

“I am a Barbieri.”

Lightning fast, he snaps his hand out and clamps it around my throat. The move catches me off guard, has me panicking for the first time. My gun is gone, then, knocked to the ground, skittering away across the blacktop. The guy’s hand tightens around the column of my neck, threatening to squeeze even harder. “What’s wrong?” he asks. “Feeling a little lightheaded?”

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