Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tiffany Reisz - The Virgin (Original Sinners, White Years #3)

The controversial story before the story continues in the critically acclaimed and award-winning series The Original Sinners.

For years, Kingsley Edge warned Eleanor the day would come when she, the mistress of a well-respected Catholic priest, would have to run and hide. She always imagined if that day came she'd be running away with Søren. But instead, she's running from him.

Knowing Søren and Kingsley will their use their influence to bring her back, Eleanor alone, penniless and scared takes refuge at the one place the men in her life cannot follow: the abbey where her mother has taken orders. Behind the cloistered gates of the convent, Eleanor hides from the man she loves and hates in equal measure

She cannot, however, hide from her true nature. When Eleanor befriends a young virginal nun, she faces a startling sexual awakening. But Eleanor can't stay forever, and the lure of her real life beckons beyond the locked gates. But to follow her fate means to leave Kyrie behind, a sacrifice Eleanor refuses to make

The lure of the forbidden. The temptation to sin. The price of passion has never been higher, and Eleanor will have to pay it if she ever wants to go home again.

Release Date 3/31/2015

5 Stars

Wow... Mistress Reisz never ceases to amaze me. The synopsis does this story justice, it gives you the base storyline. But it's about the beginning of Mistress Nora and equally the beginning of Kingsley. (If you remember from previous books that Eleanor and Kingsley left for a year). Now we get every detail of that time in their history. And who they had become when they came out the other side of that journey. And a journey it was. How Eleanor became a writer and Mistress Nora became the most adored Dominatrix in history. How Kingsley found what he needed to balance out his life with Elle/Soren. How all 3 had to make this journey to become who they are now. And while we are getting this little walk thru history, our 3 "sinners" are in Scotland for a wedding.......

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