Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sophie Oak--Texas Sirens series books 1-4

#1--Small Town Sirens
#2--Siren in the City
#3--Siren Enslaved
#4--Siren Beloved

{Adults only series--5 stars}

Usually I just copy over the synopsis of the book to give you an idea of the story. But since I am reviewing all 4 at once, I'll do my best to describe the series. It is not for the timid reader, you have to be very adventurous and amazingly open minded to read about BDSM, menage, and bi-sexuality. But this series is way more than just the fringe sexual component of the stage that brings all these characters together. It's about real love and finding that perfect happiness in a situation that might be outside the boundaries of what society calls "normal". The characters are amazingly written, and they are all looking for that all consuming love we all strive for. They have baggage, issues, faults, humor, drama, and a whole lot of love. Each story brings 3 people together, that would normally never find happiness if they weren't all 3 together. I am amazed at how Sophie Oak develops these characters. They really made me dive right into this series, I couldn't wait to find out what happens next, so I immediately "kindled" the next 3 after reading the first. I read all 4 back to back this weekend. This series has a very definite plot path and you need to start at the beginning to understand the characters. They are set in a very small, close-minded town in Texas, and all the drama that brings with small towns. Each story has a bad guy trying to screw up the relationship that is developing, and a lot of people saving each other from a close brush with death.  Each character has their own personality, some are just hilarious! Others are sweet and passionate and you just want to hug them. Thank you Sophie Oak, you have found a true fan with me!

And did I say how amazingly HOT these were, no need for an imagination. Sophie Oak will give you some new fantasies to dream about......

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