Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Kristen Ashley--Rock Chick Revenge (Rock Chick #5)

Genre: Contemporary Romance--Super HOT Alpha

Ava hates men, she has reason and she’s vowed not only never to get involved with another one again but also to exact vengeance on her best friend’s, lying, cheating husband. Since Luke, Ava’s childhood crush, is now a private investigator, she thinks to enlist him but changes her mind at the last second.

Too late, Luke knows she’s up to something and he’s already seen many a Rock Chick try to fight her own battles without the Hot Bunch stepping in. He’s having none of it. She’s having none of him. The clash of the Rock Chick and Hot Guy begins but Luke’s got the advantage. He has handcuffs and he’s not afraid to use them.

{5 stars}
What was I thinking when I took a break from reading this series? Crazy obviously. The Rock Chick series is every women's fantasy. HOT Alpha Men, sweep you off your feet romance, and lots and lots of action. The Rock Chick bunch can't stay out of trouble, exasperating their men and making me absolutely LAUGH OUT LOUD with their antics. The men are every woman's fantasy man, they are strong, HOT, and don't take no for an answer. When they see a woman they want, there is no ends to what they will do to get her, protect her, and make her the focus of their world. The "Hot Bunch" men at Nightingale Investigations have their hands full chasing after the Rock Chick's when they have their minds set on something. They start out just wanting to have fun, but somehow seem to attract drama. Drama in the way of kidnappings, car chases, assaults, and explosions. But all's well that ends well right? I think Ava and Luke are my favorite couple, I can kinda identify with Ava a little. They fight, make up, and are amazing together. Their banter is great, their passion is even greater. Luke is the absolute alpha male with a soft side for just one woman......sigh.......dream worthy. The whole gang are along for this ride and it was great!!!! If you haven't read this series, YOU MUST start at the beginning, it's important that you meet each couple in the order that they fall in love. I recommend this series to ALL women who need a little happy fantasy to get thru their week.....

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