Friday, December 7, 2012

Sophie Oak--Siren Unleashed (Texas Sirens #7)

Twin detectives Ben and Chase Dawson have been sent to investigate an unusual murder at a resort owned by Julian Lodge. Julian wants them to protect the prime suspect, a young submissive who was the last person to see the victim alive. The job seems simple until Ben and Chase discover that the beautiful submissive they both desire has a dark past.

Natalie Buchanan came to the Willow Fork Tranquility Spa seeking sanctuary after escaping the clutches of a twisted sadist. Working as a massage therapist at the resort has given her a chance to heal as well as access to the spa’s secret dungeon. But when one of her regular clients ends up dead on her table, Natalie fears that the monster she once escaped has come back to claim her.

As Natalie rediscovers the beauty of BDSM with her twin Masters, all three will be forced to confront her past.

{5 stars}
Sophie Oak can do no wrong in my library! And as much as I love the Bliss series, I am a true Texas Sirens girl (Texas girl, born & raised) Ben and Chase have been tweaking everyone's interest for several books, and now we get the whole package. Chase has always been the picky, broody one and Ben the easy going lovable one. Well, they have met their match in Nat. She has seen the worse life can throw at a person and still survive. Trying to just find a way to live again by putting one foot in front of the other for years after her abduction, but her past isn't as easily escaped. Ben and Chase are sent to investigate a murder she is suspected of committing, but they instantly know it wasn't her. And just as instantly find she is the one to complete the two halves of themselves. Along the way we get to revisit some of our old friends: Jack/Sam/Abby, Kitten, and Julian/Finn/Danielle. I have missed my Texas bunch. Along with them we get to meet Georgia, Ben and Chase's little sister, who catches the eye of our favorite (if not a little broken) Bliss boy, Logan. Mixed with all the passion with our main trio, is Sophie Oak's trademark humor. If you don't get swept away by the Dawson brothers and Nat, you may find the antics of Georgia and Logan (with Kitten's help) quite hilarious! Always a page turner, never a disappointment! Looking forward to reading Logan and Georgia's tale....

**this is not a series you should jump in to the middle of, start at the beginning with first Texas Sirens book and follow in order, you will switch between the Bliss series and this one. The characters are sexy, funny, and very addictive.

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