Sunday, October 6, 2013

Chelsea Cain--Let Me Go (Archie & Gretchen #6)


Beautiful killer Gretchen Lowell tightens her grip on Detective Archie Sheridan in Let Me Go, New York Times bestseller Chelsea Cain’s newest nail-biter.

Detective Archie Sheridan is about to receive a birthday present from the last person he ever wants to see again: Gretchen Lowell.

The investigation into Jack Reynolds's drug enterprise is heating up and has Archie heading off to attend a masked Halloween party on Jack Reynolds's island, where Susan is a reluctant guest. But the next morning one of the guests is found murdered, and Archie quickly realizes that nothing is what it seems. Only one thing is clear: Gretchen is back, and she's been closer than anyone thinks. On Halloween Eve, with time running out, Archie will have to risk everything, and choose wisely whom to trust, if he and his loved ones are going to live through the night.

{4 stars}
If you have read the first 5 books in this series, then you know what Archie has gone thru with Gretchen. She will never let him leave their game. This time around she returns for Archie's birthday, and a present from Gretchen is never just a simple present. Her game take years to take affect and you never quite see her coming. Rachel? Didn't see that one, even though I never trusted her. Susan is back in the middle of things as usual and lots of secrets are revealed. We flash back frequently to before Gretchen kidnapped Archie and we learn some more secrets from when they were together. Lots of twists, turns, and another twisting puzzle to solve. Really enjoyed this one, Cain keeps us guessing each time Gretchen returns to twist the scalpel into Archie's life.

***If you have never read this series, start at the beginning. It captured my attention immediately. I have never read a thriller where the serial killer is a female, blond, beauty, who stuns everyone with just how depraved she really is. The "cat and mouse" game between her and Archie is attention grabbing with each book.

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