Saturday, December 7, 2013

C. M. Stunich-Bad Day (Hard Rock Roots #4)

Adult Romance 18+

Turner Motherf*cking Campbell.
I'm into him, yeah, and I think I love him.
But the sh*t has just hit the fan.
Time for the angels and devils to crash.
Because if we don't, then this all falls apart, and we lose everything. The fans, the music, the relationships that are just beginning to blossom. This is it. Let's kick as*, take names, and let the world know who's boss.

& & &

Naomi Isabelle Knox, she's everything to me.
And I know I love her. But I can't ignore the sh*t storm that's taken over this tour, my tour. Time to get serious; time to dig deep; time to take back the music. Because if we don't, then I could lose her. She could die; we all could. Or worse. Time to show the world what we're made of, that we're here to stay. Say hello to your idols, baby. Your new gods. Say hello to Indecency and Amatory Riot. Your latest obsessions, your greatest desires.

{4 stars}

Miss Stunich, you sure have a way with cliff-hangers. But I will give it to you, it is was keeps me hanging on by my fingernails waiting to find out what happens next, like an addiction.

We left off with gunshots in the previous book, so it was imperative that we find out who and why. But nothing is clear cut in this world, there are too many secrets. And those secrets have been years in the making. Secrets we didn't even know existed. So where does that leave the bands? Lot's of twists and turns in this one, but we do get more answers than we have before. So a lot more of this saga makes sense to me. Don't know where this series is going to take us, or how it's going to end, but the rock n roll ride has been a lot of fun.  

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