Friday, December 31, 2010

Jacquelyn Frank--Drink of Me

In a world where emotion can be a deadly weapon, one slight, battered runaway holds the key to a dark and twisted enigma...

"Drink Of Me", she whispers, her silver eyes trusting, pleading. What female dares speak such words to one of the Sange? His people are scorned by every race for their fierce sensuality, their fearful rituals. And as Prime, Reule is the most telepathically gifted of them all.

But nothing has prepared him for the intensity of emotion radiating from the outlander rescued by his Pack. Terrified, tormented, but beautiful beyond measure, Mystique shatters his legendary control. As she reaches for him in the steamy heat of the healing baths, he knows this blind need can have but one end...

***** (5 stars)
LOVED IT, LOVED IT, LOVED IT! Jacquelyn Frank has the ability to write about worlds that defy imagination. Each of her books has brought us to a world so exotic and layered with characters and descriptions, I am awed. I was a little confused at first, but only for the first few pages. The story drops right into the action and runs aways with your full attention for almost 400 pages. Reule and Mystique are fascinating characters as is the world in which they live. Their love story is passionate and sweet all at the same time. But Frank didn't just leave it at the main couple. There are so many other characters circling this couple, and each one has their own story, their own passions, their own dramas, and their own dreams. I love everyone one of them. I only hope Frank writes a few stories about the others in Reule and Mystique's Pack. I think it will be a fascinating world to read about for a series.

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