Friday, December 24, 2010

Jax (Jacquelyn Frank)--The Bid

DISCIPLINE OF LOVE — Strapped and chained on the block, a masterpiece of naked flesh and muscle turns slowly…the eyes of the crowd devour the sight of Vejhon, whose platinum-white hair and cat-green eyes mark him as newly captured from a wild planet on the outer edges of space. The noble men and women erupt in a bidding frenzy -- that finally stops on a man named ...Najir. This strikingly handsome man who strangely resembles Vejhon cries out the winning bid on behalf of the lady he serves. Hanna Drakoulous now has a matched pair of the finest males in the galaxy…

Shackled, Vejhon can only marvel at the mysterious beauty with blue skin and shining eyes whom Najir clearly worships. But Vejhon refuses to humble himself -- until Hanna’s kiss strikes him like lightning. First dominant, then sensually tender, she arouses him to explosive sexual passion that goes beyond the limits of physical pleasure. What manner of mistress has bought him and what does she want? Freedom is what he wants, but will she be worth the price...

(3.5 stars)
This was supposed to be an Erotica novel set in a very sci-fi setting. It was only PG17 on the rating of Erotica. The reason for the PG17 rating is for the animal aspect of the story. I won't explain, because I don't want to give any spoilers away. I have read much, much hotter before, but not to say that it is a boring book though. I was confused for the first half of the book, not really sure what the "big secret" was and feeling very lost in this new world, much as Vejhon was. JAX (aka Jacquelyn Frank) has quite the imagination. If you have read any of her other books, you will know that she can create worlds that defy description. This world is no different, I believe this is her first attempt at Erotica and it was a little tame for me, but the dynamic between the main characters was very interesting. This book does have a story, and characters that are somewhat complex and intriguing. I can't say this is a keeper for me, but I would be wiling to read future books in this story line.

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