Monday, December 20, 2010

Rhyannon Byrd--Touch of Temptation (Primal Instincts series)

Kellan Scott, the Lycan shape-shifter, has vowed to redeem his playboy past...even allowing himself to be captured by his enemies to save a woman he's never met. Once imprisoned, stealing into Chloe Harcourt's cell is the easy part---withstanding her irresistible beauty is next to impossible.

Chloe has struggled to keep her unusual powers over other people's emotions in check, never trusting that any man could truly love her for herself. Until her mesmerizing rescuer awakens a primal craving for contact.

Their all-consuming passion is their strongest weapon against their sadistic captor. But Kellen's biggest battle may still lie ahead: to convince Chloe he's worthy of her undying love...or die trying.

**** (4 stars)
I love this series, I just wish Byrd wrote faster. Kellen's story starts in the previous book (Keirland and Morgan's). He has set off across the wasteland to rescue Chloe from Westmore, crossing paths with a nest of vampires who he gets caught up in a fight with, that leaves him poisoned. Racing against the poison and the clock to free Chloe, Kellen struggles to get Chloe free before the Casus catches up with them. Kellen is trying to redeem himself by rescuing Chloe, but it is Chloe who rescues Kellen (from himself). Their story is cute, at times is bogged down by the dialogue, but overall a good story. The passion and intimacy is scorching with these two, and would give any woman some heated fantasies! The series is moving along a little further in the fight against the Casus, and we meet a few new characters in this one. If you haven't read this series, start at the beginning, you will need to know the path to understand all the dynamics. But you won't be disappointed.

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