Sunday, October 16, 2011

Jennifer Lyon--Night Magic (Wing Slayer Novel)

Paranormal Romance-Demon/witches

THEIR LOVE IS DESTINED TO RISE AGAIN — Ailish Donovan is a witch ready to do battle. Raised unaware of her powers, she is just sixteen when her mother tricks her into binding with the demon Asmodeus. Pure-hearted Ailish escapes with the connection incomplete but pays a heavy price: For the next eight years, she is shunned by her earth sisters and tormented by Asmodeus’s lust. After hardening her body and mind as a champion kick boxer, Ailish returns home to break the bond -- or die.

The Wing Slayer Hunter Phoenix Torq is sworn to protect earth witches, but he is shaken by Ailish’s fierce independence -- and his own forbidden cravings. Dark, impulsive, and haunted by his troubled past, Phoenix likewise arouses Ailish in ways she finds disturbing -- and irresistible. Torn between mistrust and desire, each must go to hell and back to seek the magic that could set them both free.

{3.5 stars}
I truly enjoy this series, it has enough of a different storyline, that I can't compare it to anything else. Most paranormal series are just the same old things written with a slightly different spin. Phoenix and Ailish were a great couple, a very interesting blend of the Phoenix legend. The first half of the book just kept me captivated enough to keep going. But by the second half, I was completely engaged and holding my breath for the end. Each Wing Slayer has a different predator bird tatooed on them, and each earth witch has a different power. So each story has something new and variable happening between the main couple. And we always get to see what's happening with the other characters in the series. They are full of humor, passion, and dedication. The whole cast really makes this series work. If you haven't read this series, start at the beginning to get the back story.

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