Sunday, October 2, 2011

Keri Arthur--Darkness Unbound (A Dark Angels Novel)

Paranormal/urban fantasy

Being half werewolf and half Aedh, Risa Jones can enter the twilight realms between life and death and see the reapers, supernatural beings that collect the souls of the dead. But she soon makes a terrifying discovery: Some sinister force is stealing souls, preventing the dead from ever knowing the afterlife. — Reapers escort souls -- not snatch them -- but Risa is still unnerved when a reaper shadows her in search of someone Risa has never met: her own father, an Aedh priest, who is rumored to be tampering with the gates of hell for a dark purpose. With the help of her “aunt” -- half-werewolf, half-vampire Riley Jenson -- and an Aedh named Lucian who may have lost his wings but none of his sex appeal, Risa must pursue whatever shadowy practitioner of blood magic is seizing souls, and somehow stop her father ... before all hell breaks loose. 

{5 stars}
If you loved the Riley Jenson/Guardian series, you will absolutely love this. We first met Risa in the Guardian series and she's all grown up now with drama of her own.  It really felt like we were just continuing the Guardian series with a new generation of characters. Riley and Quinn, along with most of the Guardian characters make appearances and we get to learn what has happened to them in the interim. Keri Arthur really can tell a story, I was hooked from page one. It has lots of action, a twisted paranormal puzzle to solve, and even a love interest for Risa. I loved every page of it. I don't want to give any spoilers away, so I will keep this short, but I want to tell everyone that if you loved Riley Jenson, you will love Risa. I was crushed when the Guardian series ended so I have waited a long time for this series to start,  and it does not disappoint. I can't wait for the next book, I have already pre-ordered it and will be stalking the mailbox on delivery date.

If you haven't read the Guardian series, I would start there so you know who the characters are and how we all came to this point. It's an action packed thrill ride with lots of "hot" sexy action to accompany it.

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