Thursday, February 23, 2012

Shayla Black-Wicked to Love (Wicked Lovers #5.5)

Erotic Romance--short story

A politician's son, Brandon reined in his desire to serve his community for years after a former friend blackmailed him for desiring the man’s wife. Years later, he's still haunted by Kayla, holding every woman to her standard. And Brandon's secretary, Amberlin Evans, knows she can’t measure up.

Amberlin would do anything to make her boss notice her. But when one phone call from Kayla sends Brandon running after her, she knows it's time to stop waiting for him to see her and move on. Funny how her resignation gets Brandon's attention in a way short skirts didn't.

When Brandon confronts Amberlin, he realizes that he's been blind to his feelings for her—and that the way she always calls him Sir and says "please" has his thoughts turning wicked…

{4 stars}
Charming short story. "An afternoon delight". Its to short to really review, so just pick it up an enjoy the fantasy almost every girl has had at one time or another.

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