Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sophie Oak--Found in Bliss (NIghts in Bliss, Colorado #5)

Erotic romance-menage

After being thrown out of her marriage without her son, Holly Lang moved to Bliss and tried to rebuild her life. Eight years later she has found herself torn by her feelings for surly Doctor Caleb Burke and ex-hit man Alexei Markov.

Caleb wants Holly, she is the only bright spot in his world but he still has not recovered from a traumatic experience and does not feel he could give her what she needs, a whole man.

Alexei had one goal in mind when he testified and sent the Russian mob to jail, to get back to Holly. After being shot he owes Caleb his gratitude and plans to give him the one thing he wants most, Holly. He has done his research and is more than willing to share the the person he loves because he knows Holly would never feel complete without both men in her lives.

{4 stars}
I have been waiting for this trio's story for a while. And in true Oak fashion, she tells a wonderful story. I have loved everyone one of her books, and I love how they all slightly tie in with the others with characters being related or moving from Texas to Colorado (or visa versa). Oak even gives a "shout out" to Desire, Oklahoma. Alexei's broken english is charming, and he is the true "Dom" in this trio. Caleb and Holly have a lot of past drama to get over, and Alexei has returned to get the family he has always wanted. He just has to get his stubborn family to get with the program. Bliss, Colorado is as charming as ever. And if it was a real town, I would love to visit. If you haven't read Oak before, start at the beginning with Texas Sirens and you won't put them down until you have caught up to this one in Bliss. My only issue, is that this story seemed to short, or maybe I just didn't want it to end. I am hoping that the Meyer brothers are next up......

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