Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Kim Jones--Saving Dallas (Saving Dallas #1)

Adult Romance 18+
When the self-righteous, millionaire bachelorette, Dallas Knox walks into Hattiesburg’s largest night club she is looking for one thing – a one night stand with no strings attached. What she doesn’t expect is to find herself at the mercy of the Devil’s Renegades Motorcycle Club and their President-Luke Carmical.

Luke is dangerous, sexy, and dark. The life he lives is far different from the privileged life Dallas is accustomed to.

Can she accept the lifestyle of an MC?

Can she handle the domineering nature of Luke?

Or is it too late to save Dallas from the path she has chosen.
{4 stars}
The cover alone - 5 stars!!
But I'm going to review this book in 3 parts (you'll understand at the end)
First third of the book -  It was confusing, intriguing, and kind of like watching a tennis match with all the back and forth in their personalities. And Dallas was irritating, I didn't like her. But that didn't stop me from continuing on...
Second third of the book - . It was still a little confusing, but Dallas and Luke kept my attention hooked, I was compelled to keep reading to find out who was going to tame who. They are a HOT couple when they clash and come together.
The final third of the book -  The story really started to come together for me. We still had some multiple personalities peeking through, but once you learn what's really going on, it all makes sense. Dallas has no idea what's really going on, and Luke is afraid to tell her the whole truth. Afraid she will walk away from him, and he has fallen in love with her. Dallas (I adore her now) has fallen hard for Luke, but is hurt and confused by his attitude switching. It all heats up toward the end, action, kidnapping, and drama leave us with a cliff hanger ending (Ugh!). My reason for the review in stages is to say, don't put this one down, all the pieces come together and make sense once you find out what is really going on. Yes, it was confusing at first, but I'm happy I didn't give up and now I can't wait to read the next one. Dallas and Luke turned out to be great characters, and with the added cast surrounding them, this could be a really great series.

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