Monday, September 23, 2013

Madeline Sheehan--Unattainable (Undeniable #3)

Adult Romance 18+

Warning: This is not a virtuous and tender love story. It’s chaotic, ruthless, and tragic. This story takes love and kills its innocence, steals away the pure moments, and crushes the hearts of the broken. A story born in childhood, tying one girl to one boy, leads to a destructive path—that hurts more than it doesn’t, that shatters more than it heals—testing the love that binds the two through a lifetime.

Tegen Matthews is the daughter of Dorothy Kelley, a club whore in the Hell’s Horsemen. A plain little girl, Tegen falls into the gritty world of the motorcycle club. When she meets a sweet, caring boy, she embraces the warmth and affection he shows her. Cage West is the son of the president of the Hell’s Horsemen. Tall and blond with deep brown eyes, as he grows up Cage realizes the power of his dimpled smile and smooth drawl. With one chance encounter, Tegen becomes forever tied to Cage. Following is a wayward journey that is filled with regrets, mistakes, and heartache, pulling at the threads that hold them together. Cage and Tegen fight hard but love harder, and in the end, what matters is where the journey takes one girl and one boy, who have been twined with one another since the beginning.

This is Tegen and Cage’s story.

Love doesn’t erase a broken heart, and it sure doesn’t change people. But no matter how old, how flimsy, how frayed the rope of love is, it keeps you tethered to the people you love.

{5 stars}

This series if not for the timid reader. It is harsh, gritty, violent, and 'strip you bare' passionate. This one has so much going on in it my head was spinning. Dirty? Where did he come from? Dirty and Ellie are a great little sub plot that I really enjoyed. But on to Tegan and Cage. Wow, they have issues. Growing up in the club life is never easy, and nothing is ever normal. Tegan knows how love plays out in the MC, her mother was a victim of that love when her boyfriends wife shot her. But that's another story (up next I think). Cage realized at a young age that his looks and being the prez's son could get him whatever, and whoever, he wanted. And boy did he want, he went thru one night stands like there was no tomorrow. He was Tegan's first, and since she was in love with him since she was 8 years old, it meant something to her. But at the time, it didn't sink in to Cage just how much it meant to her. When she comes back to visit her mom after college, her and Cage clash. AND CLASH HARD! Yelling, punching, throwing things clashing. It was a wild ride to read, even during there fighting you can see how much they want each other. Cage is just to stubborn to realize what he has until she walks away again. I could go on and on about this story, but I will leave some discoveries for you. Loved every (filthy) word of it!!!!!

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