Sunday, April 27, 2014

C. M. Stunich-Needing Me, Wanting You (Triple M #3)

Adult Romance-biker-18+

Beck Evans keeps the Triple M Motorcycle Club running. He's a badass Southern biker boy with a mean right hook and a crooked smile. As an ex-military man with a checkered past, Beck's seen it all. The only thing in his opinion that's worth living for is the club, even if they're on hard times. Beck would give his life to see his brothers live happily ever fucking after. But as far as his life goes, a new lady every night and a bike that runs are all Beck needs.

And then there's Emilie Hathorne, a girl known simply as 'Tease' in her MC, Seventy-seven Brothers.

Raised by her brother, the current president of the MC, Tease knows she's nothing more than an old lady running on borrowed time. Tease hasn't ever really had a life of her own, and she's okay with that. Or so she thinks. Sometimes though, we don't really know what we need until we come face to face with it.

Biker girl meets biker boy. Love. Trouble. Blood.
The best things always come in threes. But there's a price, always a price.

Beck and Tease just have to decide if they're willing to pay it.

{5 stars}

Remember when you were a kid and you rode your bike down hill, full speed, and let go of the handlebars? That's what it's like to read CM Stunich. A wild ride that you have to just let go of control and enjoy every moment of it. She doesn't follow any "cookie cutter" versions for any of her series. This MC series is totally out there on the edge. They don't have a home base, they live nomadic lives, and at the moment seem to be just one step ahead of another blood bath as they try to figure out who has betrayed them, and move just far enough ahead to have a little peace.

And just when you least expect it, need it, or want it, love punches you in the face and says "Heads Up!" Tease is a dreamer, always living on the periphery, always wanting more, just not knowing where to look. Beck just roams from one bed to another, never taking anything to seriously until her. Their chemistry if explosive, and even though it doesn't seem logical that they have this whirlwind, passion filled, collision, it all works. We get a few answers in this one, and for once we don't have a cliff hanger! Can't wait to get more of Beck and Tease along with the rest of Triple M. Love this series, a must read for biker junkies.

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