Friday, April 4, 2014

Lili St. Germain-Five MIles (Gypsy Brothers #3)

Adult Romance-biker-18+

My father taught me the importance of an eye for an eye—a cardinal rule, ingrained in every club member.

A life for a life.

Seven lives in payment for an unimaginable list of sins.

People might wonder why I’m doing this. If this vengeance is borne from some noble cause. If I’m trying to prevent others from suffering at the hands of Dornan Ross and his sons.

But I’m no selfless vigilante.

I’m doing this for me. I’m doing it because I want to.

I’m doing this because I just want to be able to sleep at night without seeing their faces.

This is the fate they have earned. The penance for their crimes.
Time to send some of these brothers off with a bang.

{5 stars}

This is not your ordinary biker romance. There is very little romance involved. What is involved? Revenge. 
But I am no less hooked into this series. I love it! They are short reads, but pack a lot of story in just under 150 pages. Julz has come too far to back out now, but things are getting pretty messed up for her. Dornan is showing his true sadistic tendencies. And Jase is on to her, so he thinks, he can't quite figure out what she is up to. As with the first 2, Julz has another brother lined up for execution, but the best laid plans an all........

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