Thursday, May 29, 2014

Callie Hart-Fracture (Blood and Roses #2)

Zeth Mayfair is pretty much the very last thing I need in my life. And yet with every breath I take he becomes more engrained in every aspect of it:

He has a key to my house.

He knows where I work.

He dumped his strange, mentally traumatized housemate on my doorstep and has driven off into the sunset in search of my missing sister.

I want to forget him. Want to change the locks and blot out his face, scourge his very name from my memory. The problem is that I also need him. I need him more than I need air to breath, and I can’t be without him now.

{5 stars}

"You may think you have been ready to beg, to straight up murder to feel someone inside you, but until you've had this.....
until Zeth Mayfair is on his knees...."

Zeth Mayfair has just topped out as one of my top 3 book boyfriends! This series just keeps getting better. There is nothing fluffy and romantic about Zeth and Sloane, their story is completely raw. I don't know how else to say it. Yeah there are mob bosses, violence, secrets, and truckloads of emotional childhood baggage. But they work, they are like 2 magnets that can't possible stay away from each other. And when they collide with each other (and not always in a bed), it's explosive and captivating. Each move they make just makes me want to know how this will all end. And I'm just hoping they all come out alive and with some semblance of an HEA. 

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