Sunday, August 17, 2014

Bella Jewel - Precarious (Jokers Wrath MC #1)

In darkness, we find danger. In danger, I find Beau.

Ash is a prison guard, she's tough, she's strong and she never backs away from a fight. She takes her job seriously, she takes her training seriously, and everything in her life goes as planned.

Until the day he is brought into the prison.

She'll never forget meeting Beau 'Krypt' Dawson for the first time. She'll never forget his haunted eyes and his numb expression. He's a member of the Jokers Wrath MC and it is said he killed an innocent family in the middle of a cafe, in cold blood.

Deranged. Crazy. Psychotic.

All those words describe the infamous Krypt, but Ash suspects there's far more to the quiet man than meets the eye. Secrets are being hidden by the club, information is being kept under wraps. Krypt is silent for a reason.

Ash is desperate to know that reason.

Continually fighting, Krypt is transferred to a high security prison. Ash is in charge. She's always prepared, always alert. Not even her skills will stop the club from ambushing them and taking back Krypt. Only Ash ends up right in the middle of it.
They take her, too.

Now she's stuck with a Motorcycle Club who are tougher than any prisoner she's ever laid eyes on. And they won't let her go. She's too much of a risk. Until the situation can be sorted, they send her and Krypt into the mountains together....alone. 

An epic, dangerous love will be built on the foundations of darkness.

{5 stars}

I was a little confused at the beginning of this story, I should have read the synopsis. But I will read just about anything Bella Jewel writes, so I was going into it blind. And starting an MC book out in a prison seemed a daring leap to take, but it all worked out. Ash is a contradiction. She is strong and independent, but vulnerable at times too. Krypt is just one HOT alpha biker you want to climb and camp out on. Wow, the sexual tension is explosive between the two. For most of the book I would have given it a strong 4, we spend a lot of time in the bedroom and not building the story. But as time goes, we get into the meat of the war with the other club and all the things Krypt has to do to keep Ash and her friends safe. I don't want to give any spoilers away, so I'm not going to say much more than it is a great start to a new series, can't wait for the next one!

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